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Цель: совершенствовать навыки говорения в рамках обозначенной темы, познакомить учащихся с профессией дизайнера.


– обучающая: закрепление лексического и грамматического материала в устной речи, совершенствование грамматических навыков (словообразование);

– развивающая: способствовать совершенствованию навыков восприятия иноязычной речи на слух;

воспитательная: содействовать воспитанию чувства прекрасного, знаний этикета, уважению друг к другу; способствовать первичному знакомству с профессией дизайнера.

Предполагаемый результат: предполагается, что к концу урока учащиеся смогут сделать рекламу определенному виду одежды, используя активный лексический и грамматический материал.

Оснащение учебного занятия: компьютер с выходом в интернет, проектор, презентация, карточки с грамматическими заданиями.


Ход урока



1 Организационно-мотивационный этап

Цель: введение в атмосферу иноязычного общения; определение цели урока.

T.: The theme of the unit we are speaking for several lessons is Fashion. And today I want to speak about “Fashion and style”.

You wear different clothes on different occasions. Some of you prefer classic style while others wear casual or loose clothes. All of you know the proverb Clothes make the man”. What does it mean? People make up their minds about you when they look at your clothes. And sometimes it is difficult to change their first opinion. How should we choose the clothes? Who makes fashion? What to wear on a hike? We’ll find the answers at today’s lesson.


2 Операционно-деятельностный этап

Цель: автоматизировать изученные лексические единицы с использованием интерактивного ресурса.

Some days ago my friend received a letter from a young fashion designer – Alex d’Arche. She is looking for some helpers in her fashion team. Let’s do some tasks and try to become a part of her team. (2 min)

First of all a future designer must know words connected with fashion. Work in 3 groups and divide the words into 3 columns: pattern/style/material. (5 min)

Pattern                   Style                     Material

Floral                      baggy                    velvet
Striped                    elegant                  leather
Checked                   tight                     silk
Plain                        loose                     cotton
Polka dot                casual                    wool
Patterned                smart                      lace
                               sporty                     linen



Цель: активизировать использование лексического материала в речи.

And now describe the person’s clothes using these words.e.g. The man in picture A is wearing a polca dotted shirt and a plain trousers.


Ссылка для скачивания:

Цель: совершенствование навыков говорения.

Each designer must posess communications skills, because they are often interviewed. Answer some questions to check your communication skills.

Are you interested in fashion?
Do you follow fashion?
How much time do you spend in front of the mirror?
Do your clothes influence your mood?
Do you buy fashion magazines?
Do you find make-up necessary for everyone?
Are you satisfied with your wardrobe?


Цель: совершенствование навыков восприятия иноязычной речи на слух.

One of the most important features for the future designers is listening skills. Let’s see if we have “good ears” and get acquainted with Alex d’Arche and her team.

Before listening look at the board and try to guess the meaning of the words:

Dedication – посвящение, преданность
Distribution – распределение
Marketing – маркетинг
Creative flair – творческое чутье
Fashion shoot – модная съемка
Range of clothes – ассортимент одежды

Watch the Video and do some tasks (Appendix 1 Tasks, Appendix 2 Script) 

Appendix 1. Tasks PDF
Appendix 2. Script



Put the words into correct order and read the main idea of the video.

The glamour/ the fashion world/ is/ a lot of/ behind/ a wide set of / hard work/ skills/ of/ and. (Behind the glamour of the fashion world is a lot of hard work and a wide set of skills)

Цель: совершенствование грамматических навыков.

As designers work hard to become successful we must also study hard to become educated people. Let’s give some work to our brains and do the following task. Complete the sentences by changing the form of the words in capitals.

Visit to a fashion show

I was really (1) ________________ about my first visit my   ENTHUSE
first visit to a fashion show. I had always loved fasion but
had only ever seen models in (2) ____________________     ADVERTISE
on TV. Finally, I was going to see a real show! I got out my
most (3) _________________ clothes. I wanted to look as     FASHION
(4) _______________ as the models. I don’t know if I was    STYLE
completely (5) ___________, but I never had much money    SUCCESS
to spend on clothes and I felt (6) ______________, which      ATTRACT
is the main thing. When we got there, it was fantastic! There
were so many (7) ____________ women! The show started   BEAUTY
and imagine my urprise when, completely (8) ___________,  EXPECT
the first model was wearing clothes just like I was! Everyone
saw the (9) _____________ and a couple of people asked me SIMILAR
who my (10) _____________ was! Amazing!                          STYLE

( Mann M. Destination B2. Grammar and Vocabulary/ Malcoln Mann, – Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2008. – 163p.)


Цель: совершенствование навыков устной речи.

Now let’s have a rest and play a game. Chose any clothes with the help of interactive board and say what clothes you have. While speaking name 3 adjectives. Pay attention to the word order.

A real designer knows what clothes to wear on special occasions. Imagine that you are going on a two-day hike. You’ll live in a camp in a tent. You may take only one thing with you:

1) a coat;
2) or jeans and a jacket;
3) or a dress;
4) or a mini-skirt;
5) or a blazer and trousers;
6) or a sports suit;
7) or a raincoat;
8) or a fur coat.

So make the advertisement for this piece of clothing. Convince your classmates that it is the best and the most comfortable thing in the world. Divide into groups, please.

You may use the followigg phrases:
to feel very comfortable;
to protect smb. from
to keep warm;
not to live a day without…;
to compare smth. with…;
to use smth. in different ways;
to look very beautiful in…;
to have no problems;
to be the most necessary thing on a hike;
to get a prize.
You also may draw your piece of clothes.


3 Контрольно-оценочный этап

Цель: оценивание работы учащихся, получение обратной связи, проверка понимания учащимися содержания и способов выполнения домашнего задания. Thank you very much for your work. Your answers were great. I think all of you are deserve to work in Alex’s team as her helpers.

What did you learn during the lesson?
Your marks are the following …
Your home task is to write an advertising of clothes you want to learn at school.


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