Тренировочные задания для подготовки к ЦТ/ЦЭ по английскому языку по темe “Словообразование”

- 9:00Подготовка к ЦЭ/ЦТ

Словообразование. Часть Б.

учитель английского языка,
ГУО «Средняя школа № 41 имени А.М.Кузнецова г. Гродно»







1. Word-formation (verbs)

1. He decided to _____(broad) his knowledge by reading more books.
2. Can you _____(clear) the instructions for me, please?
3. It’s important to _____(criticism) new projects constructively.
4. Learning new languages can _____(ability) you to communicate with more people.
5. Parents often _____(encouragement) their children to achieve the goals.
6. The faster you drive, the more other road users are ________(dangerous).
7. The company plans to _____(large) its production capacity next year.
8. Travelling to different countries _____(rich) your cultural experiences.
9. Police were able to _____(identification) the suspect through fingerprint analysis.
10. She needs to _____(long) her dress before the event.
11. Setting goals can _____(motivation) you to work harder towards achieving them.
12. It’s essential to _______(production) and recycle materials to reduce waste.
13. Using public transport instead of private cars helps to_____(reduction) air pollution.
14. Taking a short break can _____(fresh) your mind and boost productivity.
15. I need to _____(replacement) my old phone with a new one.
16. The author had to _____(writing) the entire chapter to improve it.
17. To save time, let’s _____(short) the meeting agenda.
18. Try to_____(simple) the instructions so everyone can understand them easily.
19. Regular exercise can _____(strength) your muscles and improve your health.
20. Ignoring climate change could _____(threat) the future of our planet.

Correct Answers: broden, clarify, criticise, enable, encourage, endangered, enlarge, enriches, identify, lenghten, motivate, produce, reduce, reflesh, replace, rewtite, shorten, simplify, strenghten, threaten


2. Word-formation (nouns)

1. She has the _____(able) to speak multiple languages fluently.
2. Winning the competition was a great _____(achieve) for him.
3. Running is a popular _____(act) among young people nowadays.
4. His _____(addict) to video games affects his productivity at work.
5. The new _____(apply) makes it easier to track expenses.
6. The beautiful scenery was the main _____(attract) of the park.
7. Making _____(decide) about your future life is difficult.
8. The _____(discover) of a new species excited the scientific community.
9. The _____(ecology) studied the effects of deforestation on wildlife.
10. Her _____(expect) of receiving a promotion motivated her to work harder.
11. Regular exercise is a key to seeing _____(improve) in physical health.
12. His _____(secure) often prevents him from trying new things.
13. Following the _____(instruct) manual, he assembled the furniture quickly.
14. The _____(major) of students preferred studying outside in the sun.
15. Water is a _____(necessary) for all living organisms to survive.
16. The _____(perform) captivated the audience with her singing talent.
17. His outgoing _____(personal) makes it easy for him to make friends.
18. The _____(photograph) captured stunning images of the sunset.
19. The band’s _____(popular) grew after their hit song went viral.
20. The _____(research) conducted experiments to test the hypothesis.

Correct Answers: ability, achievement, activity, addiction, application, attraction, decisions, discovery, ecologist, expectation, improvement, insecurity, instruction, majority, necessity, performer, personality, photographer, popularity, researcher


3. Word-formation (adverbs)

1. She _____(accident) spilled her drink on the table.
2. He _____(anger) slammed the door and walked away.
3. _____(basic), I just need a few more minutes to finish.
4. The artist _____(care) painted each detail of the portrait.
5. _____(certain), you can borrow my umbrella for today.
6. The job was _____(complete) finished ahead of schedule.
7. The price has increased _____(consider) over the past year.
8. Please input your password _____(correct) to access the account.
9. They go jogging together _____(day) in the park.
10. It’s _____(definite) going to rain later this evening.
11. With practice, he plays the piano _______(easy).
12. The answer _____(exact) matched what she had predicted.
13. The movie was _____(extreme) thrilling and kept us on edge.
14. _____(final), after hours of waiting, the bus arrived.
15. _____(fortune), they found their lost dog safe and sound.
16. Call me _____(immediate) if you need any help with that.
17. He answered the question _____(incorrect) during the quiz.
18. The demand for organic products is _____(increase) high.
19. The view from the top of the mountain was _____(incredible) beautiful.
20. The train arrives _____(irregular) on weekends due to maintenance.

Correct Answers: accidentally, angrily, basically, carefully, certainly, completely, considerably, correctly, daily, definitely, easily, exactly, extremely, finally, fortunately, immediately, incorrectly, increasingly, incredibly, irregularly


4. Word-formation (adverbs)

1. She _____(original) planned to visit the museum today.
2. The cake was _____(particular) delicious at the party.
3. I _____(probable) left my keys on the kitchen counter.
4. The car _____(rapid) sped down the highway towards the city.
5. He _____(regular) goes for a jog in the park every morning.
6. The store is _____(relative) close to our house.
7. The new technology is _____(remarkable) advanced for its time.
8. His hard work _____(significant) improved his grades this semester.
9. I _____(simple) cannot understand this complicated math problem.
10. The temperature dropped _____(slight) as the sun set.
11. _____(surprise), she won first place in the competition.
12. The movie _____(total) captivated the audience with its plot twists.
13. _____(doubt), he will be late to the meeting again.
14. The news _____(expect) brought joy to her face.
15. _____(unfortunate), it started raining during the outdoor event.
16. It is _____(vital) important to drink enough water daily.
17. Despite his efforts, the project ended _____(success).
18. Birds _____(nature) migrate south for the winter season.
19. The children played _____(endless) in the backyard.
20. The new software program _____(effective) streamlines the workflow.

Correct Answers: originally, particularly, probably, rapidly, regularly, relatively, remarkably, significantly, simply, slightly, surprisingly, totally, undoubtedly, unexpectedly, unfortunately, vitally, unsuccessfully, naturally, endlessly, effectively


5. Word-formation (adjectives)

1. The apartment was _____(afford) for a young couple.
2. She had _____(ambition) goals to become a doctor.
3. He felt _____(anxiety) before the big presentation at work.
4. The painting was so _____(attract) that it was sold quickly.
5. Tickets for the concert were _____(avail) online only.
6. Learning _____(base) Maths skills is essential for everyday life.
7. The company offers _____(compete) salaries to attract top talent.
8. There was a _____(consider) amount of food left after the party.
9. Her _____(create) approach to problem-solving impressed her colleagues.
10. Owning a beach house is _____(desire) for many people.
11. The hurricane caused _____(disaster) damage to the coastal town.
12. It’s _____(doubt) idea whether he will be able to finish on time.
13. Regular exercise is _____(effect) in maintaining good health.
14. Conservation efforts are crucial to protect _____(endanger) species.
15. The vacation was _____(enjoy) with sunny weather every day.
16. She was _____(enthusiasm) about starting her new job.
17. The actor became _____(fame) after starring in the hit movie.
18. The guide was _____(help) in navigating through the unfamiliar city.
The Eiffel Tower is an _____(icon) symbol of Paris.
20. The fireworks display was _____(impress), lighting up the night sky.

Correct Answers: affordable, ambitious, anxious, attractive, available, basic, competitive, considerable, creative, desirable, disastrous, doubtful, effective, endangered, enjoyable, enthusiastic, famous, helpful, iconic, impressive


6. Word-formation (adjectives)

1. She felt _____(nerve) before giving her speech.
2. The garden was _____(peace) with birds chirping softly.
3. Be careful, that plant is _____(poison).
4. The superhero had _____(power) abilities to save the city.
5. Eating fruits and vegetables is _____(prefer) for a healthy diet.
6. Graduating from a top university is _____(prestige) achievement.
7. Finding a solution to the problem was quite _____________(challenge).
8. It’s _____(reason) to wear a coat in cold weather.
9. My new car is _____(rely) and never breaks down.
10. Many people find comfort in their _____(religion) beliefs.
11. The artist created a _____(remark) painting that impressed everyone.
12. Being on time shows you are a_____(respond) person.
13. The scientist conducted a groundbreaking _____(science) experiment.
14. Making a budget is _____(sense) for managing finances.
15. Their new house is _____(space) with plenty of room.
16. After years of hard work, she finally became _____(succeed).
17. This dress is _____(suit) for the formal event tonight.
18. Sending a thank-you card is _____(thought) gesture.
19. Learning new skills can be _____(use) for your career.

Correct Answers: nervous, peaceful, poisonous, powerful, preferable, prestigious, challenging, reasonable, reliable, religious, remarkable, responsible, scientific, sensible, spacious, spacious, successful, suitable, thoughtful, useful


7. Word-formation (adjectives)

1. She was _____(care) with her belongings, often misplacing them.
2. The road seemed _____(end) as they drove through the desert.
3. Despite his tough appearance, he was _____(harm) and kind-hearted.
4. He grew _____(impatience) waiting for the bus to arrive.
5. Climbing the mountain alone felt _____(possibility) at times.
6. The aroma of freshly baked cookies was _____(resistible) to him.
7. Leaving the door unlocked was _____(responsibility) of him.
8. The dentist assured her that the procedure would be _____(pain).
9. Floating in the pool made her feel _____(weight) and relaxed.
10. Without proper training, she was _____(ability) to complete the task.
11. His rude behavior was _____(acceptability) in a professional setting.
12. The heat in the room became _____(bearable) without air conditioning.
13. The outcome of the game was _____(uncertainty) until the final moments.
14. The breathtaking view from the mountaintop was _____(forgettable).
15. Her estimate of the project’s cost turned out to be _____(accuracy).
16. He felt _____(capability) of solving the complex Maths problem.
17. The doctor explained that the disease was _____(cure) but manageable.
18. Using outdated technology proved to be _____(effectivity) for the company.
19. His contribution to the project was _____(significance) compared to others.
20. The noise from the construction site was _____(tolerance) during the meeting.

Correct Answers: careless, endless, harmless, impatient, impossible, irresistible, irresponsible, painless, weightless, unable, unacceptable, unbearable, uncertain, unforgettable, inaccurate, incapable, incurable, ineffective, (in)significant, intolerable


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